Urge to Fall

Urge to Fall

As the song says “another opening of another show.” I have three works (Poppies of Remembrance, Left Coast Style, and Memento Ursi) in the show Urge to Fall at Alice’s Arbor opening on July 10th. For more about this show here’s what the curator has to say:

Falling, the primary experience of gravity, is the first human experience of a natural force, the compulsion of the body to plunge toward the earth which can be immediately felt and scientifically described, but perhaps never understood. Falling remains with us as a metaphor for those compulsions – sublime, deadly, or inexplicable – which drive us to voyeurism, combat, lust, depression – all the territories in which vital impulse seems to come from outside the self, to call out from impossible distances. Across mediums spanning painting, illustration, print, photography, and collage, these concerns flicker through the practices of the ten artists represented in “Urge to Fall,” touching on balance and its loss, the void, and the desire to give in to vertigo.

Here’s a link to the Facebook page for the show.

And just in case you want to check out the work of the other Shoestring Press artists in the show here’s a list:

Brian Elig
Jenny Carolin
Madeleine Boucher
Rassan Cobbs
Lane Sell
Jacqui Leboutillier
Marina Gagarina
Phil Rabovsky
Alexis Neider
Erich Erving


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