One Hundred Years of Shame

Extravigant War

I have, indeed, been thinking about the Great War of late. Even on Memorial Day as I was listening to songs of the American Civil War, I was printing poppies that were more appropriate to the War to End All Wars. I’m sure that as we approach 2018 I’ll be consumed with many aspects of just how World War One truly changed the world, and brought about almost every major event or movement of the 20th Century.

Today, as I contemplated the assassination of  Archduke Franz Ferdinand; today, as I mentioned just what happened this day in history to people with blank stares on their faces, today, as I sold luxury shirts to people who refuse to give their name or contact information yet only pay with credit cards; I reminded my self that I live in a country at war, and I was ashamed.


One thought on “One Hundred Years of Shame

  1. You wanna see some amazing shit, go to YouTube and look, at videos of the funeral of Otto von Hapsburg, one of the shapers of the new Europe and heir to the Imperial Throne.

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