Poppies of Remembrance

10314650_708219362572098_6759466290191025199_nI’m sure it’s no surprise t those living in the United States that this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. I have of course written about Memorial Day and the tradition of wearing a poppy as a symbol of remembrance: Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream, I Have Excellent News: The Poppy Is Not Extinct!.

I’m sure that someone will correct me saying that Memorial is rightly Decoration Day, a tradition sprung from the Civil War, and the poppy is an invention of the First World War, but I remember veterans and widows selling little paper poppies on Memorial Day when I was a kid. This year and I wanted to do something that remembered this tradition along with the traditions surrounding Memorial, or Decoration Day, and here it is:

Join me at Shoestring Press this Memorial Day from noon to five in the evening for an interactive printmaking event honoring those fallen in battle. Come any time between noon and five to assist with printing poppies to hang in the shop window. They may be dedicated to a specific serviceman, or to fallen servicemen in general.For more information visit the Shoestring Press Facebook page.


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