Who’s That?

St_DavidofWalesI’m fond of saying “What’s a Beyoncé?” when some of my co-workers talk about pop music. In turn, I’m used to blank stares when I mention almost anything that interests me. Yesterday there were two welsh references that went right over the heads of the people with whom I was talking. The first was when I mentioned to one of the women that her new hair style reminded me of Shirley Bassey.

Faster than you could say Tiger Bay came the question “Is she black?” which might as well been “Who’s Shirley Bassey?”

I said “She’s Welsh… and black.”

She’s also a Dame!

Later that day another co-worker mentioned that she’d been drinking at the White Horse Tavern. To which I said That’s where Dylan Thomas died. (Knowing full well that he actually died in Saint Vincent’s Hospital, but that he had his last drink at the White Horse.) She, of course said “Who’s Dylan Thomas?” I told her to read my blog today.

Perhaps it was coincidence that the two people mentioned yesterday were welsh; perhaps not. Perhaps it was a foretaste of the day to come; the day that is today: Saint David’s Day. Of course this is not the first time I’ve written about Saint David’s Day: the day on which we celebrate all things Welsh. There was The Only Saint in the Village and Dydd Gwyl Dewi Dedwydd! Both of those posts had mentions of Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones as did I’m Feeling a Bit Like Jonah. Dylan Thomas came up in April one year for National Poetry Month in the post To-Day, This Insect.

And this is my post for Saint David’s Day this year. We’ve had music and poetry from some of the best of what Wales has to offer, but for me, no Saint David’s Day would be complete without a word from my favorite Welsh Vlogger, Adam, and today that word is Green.

For a bit more on welsh pronunciation click here.

Finally as today is also the official kickoff to Carnival I thought we may return to a Carnival of Venice, but this time performed by a Welsh man on an euphonium.

Happy Dewi Sant, and happy carnival!


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