Twelfth Night

twelfth-night-1662Every year I’m saddened as I step out on Saint Stephen’s day to see the city streets strewn with Christmas Trees. There are still ten days of Christmas to go, yet the spirit of the holiday has left the homes of people who put up their tree on, or even before Thanksgiving.

Tonight we’re Taking Down the Tree. We’re making a bowl of Tom and Jerry, playing the last of the Christmas songs, and moving the wise men to the manger for the adoration of the Magi. It’s not quite a traditional Twelfth Night celebration, but it’s what we’re doing this year. Perhaps in years to come we can get all medieval on the holiday.

I’m a bit obsessed with certain BBC history/reality programs in which a group of archeologists and historians live on  farm together as if it were the 17th century, the Victorian, or Edwardian period, or the Blitz. (I made a blitztorte on Sylvester.) The latest offering in this series of series is Tudor Monastery Farm. I can, and do, watch these over and over again. The most recent episode came out on the Feast of the Circumcision; basically the mid point in the twelve days of Christmas. The Tudor Monastery Farm Christmas covers preparations and celebrations on all twelve of the twelve days of Christmas including traditional foods like mince pies full of meat rather than apples, and the pre-turkey centerpiece of Christmas feast the boar’s head, as well as decorating in a time when the German tradition of the weihnachtsbaum had not yet made its way to England.

Perhaps next year the tree can come down on Epiphany and twelfth night will be reserved for one last hurrah, or is that Wassail! Drink ale!


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