The 12 Days of Christmas Movies

Yesterday I was asked (at work) why we were still playing Christmas music; to which I answered: “Have you ever heard the song The 12 Days of Christmas?” The 12 Days of Christmas is a list song. Last year for the 12 days of Christmas I put up a post a day under the title Christmas Movies! As it turns out my post about the Bishop’s Wife is one of my most popular posts. It seems that people come to that post looking for images of a traditional Christmas tree: not sheered for fullness, but with space to hang ornaments; dripping with lead tinsel.Bishop's Wife TreeI’ve notices that there are many bloggers out there who post in serial, like my Christmas Movies, but readers must then fiddle their way through multiple posts to get a full picture of the theme of the posts. I’m correcting that today. Here is a complete list of my Christmas movies:

Night of the Hunter, The Poseidon Adventure, The Thin Man, After The Thin Man, The Proposition, 12 Monkeys, Brazil, Desk Set, Bell Book and CandleMillions, The Bishop’s Wife, Holiday, The Lion in Winter, The Last Picture Show, Twelfth Night or What You Will

I realize that there are fifteen films on this list, and I have even more, but I think this is a wonderfully varied list of Christmas movies to get you through the twelve days of Christmas.


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