Music For Advent: Saint Nicholas Day

Cafés TorréfiésToday is Saint Nicholas Day. The night of Krampus has past Saint Nicholas, sometimes called the “Advent Saint” simply because his feast day always falls in the season of Advent, has sent him back to his hellish home. All over the world today children awoke and ran to their shoes where they were treated to shoes overflowing with nuts, candy, oranges, and gingerbread. This morning when I awoke I found in my shoes a copy of Praying the Psalms with Luther, along with some chocolate and other treats. I enjoyed perusing the Psalms over coffee and the Gingerbread that I made yesterday.

Today’s song is in honor of Saint Nicholas:Heilige Nikolaus

Intonent Hodie

Intonent hodie
Voces ecclesiae,
Dies laetitiae
Refulsit in mundo,
Ergo laetabundo
Corde jubilemus
Et ore jucundo.

Sanctus hic inclitus,
Domino subditus,
In cunis positus
Ubera vitabat,
Corpus macerabat,
Et ter in sabbato
Puer jejunabat.

Parenti misero
Submerso puero
Mari pestifero
Dedit, quod petivit,
Preces exaudivit,
Submersum puerum
Patris custodivit.

Tribus virginibus
Victu carentibus
Reddidit honorera,
Subtraxit errorem,
Reddens virginibus
Virgineum florem.

Despite my Latin being truly terrible I once tried to translate this text. The attempt at translation was mainly because I couldn’t find an English translation. I also have a problem with hymns to rather than about saints. My essay was a failure. If you’re interested in more information about Saint Nicholas and how you may incorporate him in to your December celebrations look at the Saint Nicholas Center. They are a wonderful resource for all things Saint Nicholas including songs, liturgies for many denominations, as well as having many pages dedicated to celebrating in home, church and school.

Nicholas Meme



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