An Other New Year Has Begun

St_AndrewHappy Saint Andrew’s Day!

As the Scots contemplate independence the time has come for me to contemplate the year: past and to come, what I wished to accomplish, what i did accomplish and what I hope to accomplish. I thought that I’d have written about my wedding in some detail, but all I posted was:  Psalm 133, and StAndrewOktoberfest: The Celebration of a Marriage. Neither of which explained just how to get married in New York City for $10,000.00 or less. I did manage to post a poem a day for National Poetry Month. I wrote about Lent, and Lutherans and my family: Batman Knows When to (and Not to) Say the A Word, Giving Up on LutheransChurch and Family, The Great Architect(ure). Church and Family has been my most successful post to date. I also wrote about holidays and Holy Days too many to list here.

Now I face the new year with today being the first day of the sanctoral calendar, and tomorrow the first day of the Liturgical calendar. This year I hope to write about how to get married in New York City for $10,000.00 or less, I hope to write more about art ans especially the goings on at Shoestring Press. I’ll also be having guest bloggers.

I’m starting off tomorrow with a guest blogger I’ve invited to write about Death for the first Sunday in Advent, but more about that tomorrow. You can also look forward to a series of posts of appropriate lenten music: both sacred and secular songs that lead us to Christmas.

Finally I’d hoped that I might have been able to find a rhyme, or some other verse, charm or augury for Saint Andrew’s day, but the closest I could come to was this:

On Catherine’s day
Your wedding is gay;
But Andrew’s day
Takes the feasting away.

Despite the lack of feasting I’m off to have a scotch before the fasting of Advent begins.


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