Rapping Up Reformation Sunday

Luther nailing his 95 thesis on the church doorSome years ago I was invited to be a guest lecturer at City College in New York. The class I was invited to lecture in was one of the survey courses on world history, and my topic was the Reformation: German, Swiss and English. I was happy to come up with ways to make this relatable to the class. I used many video clips from things like the 1974 film Luther and the television program The Tudors. I also came across a parody of the song 99 Problems by J. Zed, or is that Jay Z.

The 95 theses Rap:

I was pleased to hear that the papers from students who chose to write about the reformation as a topic were superior to their comrades in class who chose to write about the other option. There was even one who used the 95 Theses Rap as an outline for his paper.

Just in case you find offense in a serious song being set to a silly or even profane setting here’s my one of my favorite settings of Ein Feste Burg:

Happy Reformation Sunday!


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