A Breif Musical Interlude (with a purpose)

Last week I received two e-mails of note:

The first was a request to use my private jet…

“Idan needs your help getting to Seattle! Anyone have access to a private jet or know anyone that does? We were supposed to fly through Corporate Angels to Seattle because of his severe immune deficiency, but that fell through. Our first appointment in Seattle is September 24th (Tuesday). The owner of the Jet would be able to donate the flight through Corporate Angels for a tax deductible.”

I forwarded this on to as as many people as I could think of who might have had access to a jet.

The second was to say that Idan had his jet…

“We have great news!!!  After 48 hours of frantically searching for a private jet to fly out to Seattle, sharing our plight with nearly 25,000 people, hundreds of which were sharing with their contacts and hunting down leads, we have a flight!  A very generous wonderful man has offered to fly us all back in his private jet as he returns to the west coast from New York City tomorrow night.”

As Idan is now on the West Coast preparing for his transplant I post a clip of the Peanuts singing Volre to mark his flight last Saturday.

As of today, September 23rd, there are still 69 days left to donate to Idan’s YouCaring campaign.


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