Shana Tova!

idan and akivaSundown last night marked the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days. It is Rosh Hashanah or New Year. Amidst the celebrating and round challah (The rest of the year challah is a braided loaf of bread, not round.) prayers are said for loved ones; that G-d may write their names in the Book of Life for one more year, just one more year. This new year comes with good news for the Zablocki family. I wrote about Idan’s family and his struggle with Hyper IgM, a genetic disorder that affects only two in a million in which the immune system is severely compromised, in my post A Friend in Need. This post may be considered an update.

Akiva and IdanSome weeks ago Akiva, Idan’s father, sent me an e-mail stating that they had found a doctor/hospital that would be able to do the very specialized surgery using the most up to date techniques and medications. So, as of that update, it’s off to Seattle Children’s Hospital, where Idan will be getting a bone marrow transplant. Two days ago I received another e-mail. There are two things that stood out in this e-mail:

1) The hospital called and “confirmed the donors and will be scheduling Idan’s transplant very soon.”

2) It is the Jewish New Year a time for prayer, a time of hope.

Prayers for Idan Yarden ben Esther (Idan’s Hebrew name) are appreciated, are needed, and beneficial. Anyone can pray.

As of the writing of this there are 87 days left to donate toward Idan’s campaign. You can read more about Idan and donate here.


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