I Never Thought I’d Know a Meme

I Haz A ConundrumJust in case you don’t know what a meme is, a meme is this:Fezes Are Cool

Or this:
Doctor Who?
Or even this:But do you ever wonder about people like this:

Unlucky ThuriferWhere did he come from? What about the ermagerd girl? Who are they? Well, I came across a meme in which I knew every person in the picture. The caption I read said “WALK LIKE AN EPISCOPALIAN.” (I think it would have scanned better as WALK LIKE AN ALGLICAN, especially if the connection in the text was to the song Walk Like an Egyptian.)

The reason I know everyone in the picture is because it came from the web-site of the church I attend: Saint Ignatius of Antioch.  It was taken by the Rector’s wife on our annual Beating of the Bounds on Rogation Sunday. Yesterday was Rogation Sunday and the beginning of Rogationtide.

Rogation Meme

I wrote about Rogation days last year in my posts Beating the Bounds and Why Christians Don’t Celebrate Earth Day. It’s interesting that some of the comments regarding this picture on the site on which i found this meme seemed to think it was a Palm Sunday procession. But look! Where are the palms? It is clearly not Palm Sunday, but it’s also not that surprising that people do not get the fact that it’s the Beating of the Bounds, as the duties of the parish priest no longer include marking the parish borders. Still it is quite a witness to walk in procession out the church doors into the community, marking and blessing the community and the little patch of earth for which the congregation acts as steward.

Beating The Bounds

Do you know your meme?


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