The Lorax: Poetry for Earth Day

The Lorax TitleLoraxEarth Day was Monday and it’s now Thursday, but Earth Day has been re-branded as Earth Month. Therefore, I decided not to break the flow of posts of poetry from the Joan Baez album Baptism, but post this earthy poem today.

You may be questioning me for calling this a poem, but it is. Written in rhyming verse, it may be a children’s story book, but it’s also quite clearly poetry as are all of the works of Dr. Seuss. The original adaptation of the book for the small screen maintains most of this poetry, however the more recent theatrical production does not. In preparing for this post I watched the new movie. I hated it.

Gone was the charm, replaced with irony and a certain slickness that would make the Once-Ler proud. Perhaps I’m pining for an idealized childhood or past that never really existed, but (in this case) I don’t think so. It’s a similar feeling when I see an Ikea book case. David Mitchell describes it like this:

One needn’t agree with all of what Mr. Mitchell says, but here’s the point that I’d like to make, and it has nothing to do with a human component to climate change. It has to do with being conservative and actually conserving. It is simply that we are charged with being stewards of the earth. This isn’t even an economic argument. It’s simply that we should take care of what God has given us; value it, treasure it; like your grandmother’s table, and like your grandmother’s table don’t abuse it. Use a coaster!

I’m not going to post the entire book The Lorax, but here’s the Television special. Enjoy.
And go read the book!


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