Batman Knows When to (and Not to) Say the A Word

Christ's Entry into Jerusalem by Hippolyte Flandrin c. 1842Palm Sunday is a rather schizophrenic day, as we parade about with palms singing All Glory, Laud, and Honor only to return to the church to hear the Passion Narrative. The service starts off with such a feel of celebration, but it ends with the grief of Good Friday. I woke up this morning with the A word on the tip pf my tongue in anticipation of the Hosannas that I would be singing. Of course, the A word was not to be sung, and is neither to be said nor sung until Easter. It’s as Batman reminded Robin:

Liturgical Batman


Only the Geekiest of comic book geeks would know that Batman was had a liturgical past. In fact, according to, Batman is Episcopalian/Catholic (lapsed). I would make an argument for Anglo-Catholic (lapsed). It just seems more likely that a wealthy New Yorker would be Episcopalian, and if there are a lot of Roman trappings or Roman imagery when religion is depicted in the comic books, he’s probably of the Anglo-Catholic variety of Episcopalian. Especially when you consider this:

Lex Orandi Batman

I pulled that last image from the site Episcopal Church Memes. There is a Lutheran Church Memes site too, but I must admit that the Lutherans are sadly not as funny as the Anglicans. There have to be funny Lutherans out there too. I know there are Lutheran nerds out there. There was even a post on the Steadfast Lutheran site some months ago that affirmed the existence of Lutheran nerds: You Might Be A Lutheran Nerd If…

As usual, I posted a comment that was summarily ignored. It went something exactly like this:

Star Wars: Taoist / Monomyth / Gnostic

Battlestar Galactica: Pagan / Gnostic

Startrek: New Age

Doctor Who: Enlightenment

Superman: According to Methodist / Kryptonian Religion, However his creators are Jewish and his name is clearly of a Jewish origin: Kal-El (Reflex, Elastic-Lad / Mister Action, Little Mermaid, and Mastodon: All Lutheran {I don’t know which synod.})

Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, Harry Potter: All Christian (Authors in order: Anglican, Roman, Church of Scotland{Presbyterian})



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