My Friend the Horologist

I tend to live, a bit, in another time. I listen to 78rpm records. I write with a fountain pen. I do not have call waiting nor an answering machine, nor voice-mail. I read books, and I am a printmaker. However, I do use a computer, and in addition to my land line I have a cell phone (not a smartphone), but I’ve never set up contacts and don’t give out the number.

I have friends who are fairly like minded.

One of these friends is John Metcalfe. I know John from church. Some months ago John was featured on in an article called Just Like Clockwork. As the article says “Metcalfe doesn’t own a cell phone, a computer or a digital clock.” John is also delightfully witty; has an incredible memory and can quote old radio programs that he heard once in the late 60s, and in a way reminiscent of Kenneth Williams, can put on an accent or use a dialect to wonderful comedic affect.


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