What Next?

First I find out that Tom Jones is not Brazilian; then it’s Ethel Smith seems to be a non-Brazilian; now I find out that The Supremes and even Carmen Miranda are not Brazilian. What next: Stan Getz and Frank Sinatra are not Brazilian?

I suppose that the only one in the list above that should be a shocker is Carmen Miranda. She was born in Portugal, but raised from a very early age in Brazil. Some years ago I saw a lovingly made documentary film about Carmen Miranda, her relationship with Brazil and hoe that relationship changed after she became a Hollywood star, and got Americanized. I highly recommend Bananas Is My Busines. Before becoming the Brazilian Bombshell Carmen Miranda made many movies in Brazil including Alô Alô Carnaval from which the song Querido Adão comes.

Although Carmen was not born in Brazil she did have a Sister who was born in Brazil and also appeared in Alô Alô Carnaval along with Carmen: Aurora Miranda.

Aurora also had a song to herself in Alô Alô Carnaval, but she’s probably most well known, in the United States, as the singer of Os quindins de Yayá in the Disney movie The Three Caballeros. I was lucky enough to see Aurora Miranda in a concert tribute to her sister at Lincoln Center in 1995.

This time I’m sure I got it right. This may be dated, but it’s Brazilian music. Happy Carnival!


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