A Missed Opportunity

The Andrews SistersI am ashamed. The news came and went without a mention here. I’ve even posted songs from the Andrews Sisters in my post about Carmen Miranda, and not a mention of the passing of Patty Andrews on January 30th: The last of the Andrews Sisters to die. Perhaps I was too wrapped up in the fun and frivolity of my Brazilian music posts, but that’s really no excuse.

There is plenty of fun and frivolity in the and frolic in the music of the Andrews Sisters consider the songs Hold Tight, Hold Tight (Want Some Sea Food Mama), and Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar. Even when a song dealt with the problem of wartime prostitution it all seemed to be a lot of fun. Even pining away while your loved-one is fighting the across the sea gets a comedic treatment…

The Andrews Sisters only appeared in a handful of movies including Private Buckaroo from which the clip above comes.

Some of my favorite recordings by the Andrews Sisters are when they bring on a fourth. The work they did with Bing Crosby, Carmen Miranda and Danny Kaye is just delightful. One of my most listend to 78 RPM records in my collection is the recording of the Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby singing The Three Caballeros, which is odd as that would really be four caballeros.

After they broke up as a singing group in the early 50s they made the occasional concert appearance, sometimes as a trio, sometimes as a duo, sometimes as a single. I saw Maxine Andrews in concert in Green Valey Arizona in the 80s. Occasionally they would appear on television as they did on the Sammy Davis Jr. Show where they sang with The Supremes:

That clip is a little sad to me. The Andrews Sisters don’t seem to be at the top of their game, but it still shows a wonderful sense of humor that’s just right for the carnival season.

Here’s a song by the Supremes for carnival: The Boy From Ipanema. The Supremes must be Brazilian!


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