As Promised a Titbit

When I started in on my posts for carnival season I promised much music from Brazil (which I may or may not have done) as well as some other amusing titbits. It may not be believable as there are often errors on my blog, either spelling or grammar, but I do often have another person read through my posts before I hit that final Publish button. It was suggested that when I publish the first post in my carnival series that I change titbit to tidbit. Here’s my response:

You may also notice that I spell colour C O L O U R, and grey G R E Y. I use quotation when talking about a noun and quote when I’m doing it. I quote a quotation. I do not quote a quote. That would be impossible. I’m also unconcerned when I hear about a closure on the George Washington Bridge, even if I’m driving to New Jersey. Just so long as the closure isn’t in the car I’m driving as I am quite happy in my relationship. However if there is a closing on the bridge I’ll probably opt for the Holland Tunnel.


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