Septuagesima: Let the Carnival Begin!


Last year at this point in the liturgical calendar I was writing about the different ways in which Shrovetide is celebrated around the world. (Football and Celebrations: It must be Septuagesima!, A Sexy Samba for Sexagesima, and Quinquagesima and the Ultimate Shrovetide) I thought that this year I’d continue with more about the celebrations in the United States (specifically in Pennsylvania and Louisiana) and Italy, but instead, I’d like to prepare for Lent this year by getting out the fun and the funny, frying up some dough, making pancakes and having a less than healthy helping of of bacon! So for the next three Sundays up until Ash Wednesday I’ll be posting festive music and other titbits that amuse me.

Seeing as today is the first day of the Carnival Season, I suppose it might be rightly called the Morning of Carnival. Here’s the song Manhã de Carnaval from the film Black Orpheus.

Perhaps that wasn’t as fun or funny as I’d wanted, so here’s a little something more from Brazil. That’s Sérgio Mendes and Brazil 66:


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