Christmas Movies!

The Bishop's Wife Tree

Why! Oh, why can’t I find a Christmas tree like the one in the picture. I’m not talking about the decorations or the decoration, but it’s a tree that has space to hang ornaments. I can even see the trunk. If there are any tree farmers out there reading my blog, stop, please stop, messing with your trees and cutting them for fullness. For years I’ve been looking for a tree like the trees in movies made before1960. I do remember a wider variety of trees in my youth in the 70s. What happened?

Aside from the tree and my covetous attitude toward it, I may also covet Cary Grant’s tree decorating technique as portrayed in this movie. It seems a strange¬†coincidence that both James Stewart and Cary Grant made three Christmas movies each. This is one of the most charming movies on my Christmas Movie list, and I don’t quite understand how it isn’t as popular as It’s a Wonderful Life. Perhaps it has something to do with a general unawareness of the Anglican church or that Episcopalian bishops can and do marry. Please watch the trailer to get an idea of just how charming this film is.

If watching that trailer left you wondering just what the picture is about, well…

Laurie Anderson once described heaven as being “exactly like where you are right now, only much, much better.” Similarly I could say about the Bishop’s wife that it’s exactly like this…

…only much, much better.


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