Christmas Movies!

Desk Set

As Promised here is a movie that is pure fluff and joy for Christmas. It is the movie that defines the office Christmas party. I’d seen Desk Set before moving to New York and I hoped to attend at least one office Christmas party like the one in this movie, but I was too late. By the time I moved here drinking in the office was a no no. Gone were the days of Mad Men, although I do remember a couple of two martini lunches when I was working at a large Wall Street law firm. But by the time I was working in Alumni Relations for Columbia University I was the only person in the office with a bottle in my desk, even though one may possibly describe the job of an Alumni Relations or Development Officer as planning and going to cocktail parties.

One of my supervisors at Columbia said that technology was my kryptonite. That’s not quite the case, but I do put limits on the technology I use. I prefer a phone call to an e-mail. I prefer looking up something in a book to a search engine. I prefer having a rotary phone at home to having a phone in my pocket, and yes that phone is without call waiting or voice-mail. (All call waiting and voice-mail do is let the person calling know that you’re not home and they should try again later, the same as no one answering or, when your call is interrupted, saying “I’m on the phone now, can you call back in a bit?” Perhaps my distrust of technology or its misuses came from this movie. By the way I do see the irony of me writing a blog.

Hopefully one day I’ll have my Desk Set Christmas party.


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