Christmas Movies!

12 Monkeys

The picture above may not be the most iconic image from 12 Monkeys, but it does give a clue that it is a Christmas Movie, which it is. It’s also a movie in which you can see both Bruce Willis and Brad Pit’s bottoms.

I do love the work of Terry Gilliam. One of my favorite films is The Adventures of  Baron Munchausen. All of Gilliam’s work deals with ideas of Imagination versus Science, and just what is real to one extent or another. His Christmas films specifically deal with madness, and questions of just who is mad, just whose perception is truly reality. I am working my back to films with happy endings. I’m not sure that 12 Monkeys has a happy ending, but Brazil does. Brazil’s “happy ending” is the embrace of madness.

One may not find these the most cheery movies, but I would argue that like Night of the Hunter, and the Poseiden Adventure there is a sense of hope in them that is, perhaps, absent in The Proposition.


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