Musings on Veterans Day

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Holidays (the secular kind) and civil authority lately. I’ve been thinking about what and how we memorialize events or people, and what that says about our society, or culture. (Our here refers to the United States of America.)

November 11th was Armistice Day: a day in which we honor those who gave their lives in the Great War of 1914 to 1911. I wrote in May about the tradition of wearing a poppy as a symbol of remembrance, and how it seemed to be making a come back that Memorial Day. But in first week or so in November, I saw more and more people from Canada or Britain with their lapels adorned with paper poppies  it made me muse on the abandonment of the “celebration” of Armistice Day for Veteran’s Day, and even how that honorific celebration has become a day of pick-nicks and beer swilling before the football game.  I found it especially ironic that the Veteran’s Day parade in Manhattan this year was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812: A war that we lost. (Ask a Canadian.)
For more information on the American Legion and poppies, please check out these sites:

The Story Behind the Poppy

American Legion Auxiliary


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