Clearly Dorothy Lamour is ready for Halloween with her chesterfield in hand, and we know how she fared in Hurricane, but I’m holed up in my apartment still working on a post about Halloween and All Saint’s Day. As I write, portions of the city have been evacuated; the beaches have been swallowed by the sea; and there is a Hurricane approaching. Last year the Hurricane missed New York City, but my friends Jeff and Adina Bialas, who have a farm upstate, were hit hard.

Every year, the Sunday before Halloween, I stop by the Morningside Montessori Fall Fest where Jeff and Adina make a special trip into Manhattan bringing autumn vegetables to market. I usually buy pumpkins for Jack-O-Lanterns and pies, as well as colourful corn to hang on the door to my apartment. It’s something that I look forward to. However,  yesterday they were not there. They were busy bringing in as much of their crops as they could in anticipation of the hurricane.

Please enjoy Dorothy Lamour singing Moon of Manakoora from the film The Hurricane, and support (and pray for!) your local farmers.


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