Picking Up Where We Left Off…

I’ve not been writing for the last month and an half because my attention was taken up with small matters like helping my mother clean up some of her things and move in with my sister, getting married, and going on an honeymoon. I am now back and intend to hop right back on the weekly blog posts. I have plenty about which I want to write including my friend Susana Case‘s project Famous Suicides, Posting some old family papers and photographs relating to Saint Jacobi Lutheran Church and School in Milwaukee, and my usual writing about tradition and religion. I’m sure that at some point I’ll also be sharing some of the details of my wedding and impressions of Niagara Falls. Yes, we  did a  Shuffle Off to Buffalo for our honeymoon.

But seeing as today is Reformation Sunday, I thought I’d like to share my favorite arrangement of the great Lutheran hymn Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott:

A friend of mine once asked me to be a guest lecturer in her world history class at City College in New York. I had a great time preparing my lecture on the Reformation, and really enjoyed being able to use clips I’d found on the internet to illustrate various points, or to make something more accessible through humor. I showed the students the following video at the beginning of the class. It got their attention. It was then my job to keep it.

At the end of class my friend gave the students the option of two prompts for a paper to be completed in a week. Apparently I managed to keeep their attention. She reported back to me that the people who chose to write on the Reformation, by far, turned in the better papers, and that one of the students used the 95 Thesese Rap as an outline for the paper.


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