Danzig or Gdańsk







I wanted a cocktail the other night, but being out of gin (my preferred liquor in the warmer months) I was at a loss. It was then that I remembered the bottles of vodka that were hidden in the freezer. I don’t particularly like vodka. It has no flavour. That’s why it’s used in all of those college bar drinks that taste like sweet, or blue, or pink. Even though the vodka in the freezer was a good vodka, a real vodka, a potato vodka, I wasn’t sure that I really wanted a vodka cocktail. Still my partner and I went about creating a new cocktail.

Basing our recipe on that of the Sazerac we came up with two cocktails:

The Danzig

2 parts Chopin Vodka
1/2 part French vermouth
1/2 part Saint Germain
Rinse of Kirsch

The Gdańsk

2 parts Chopin Vodka
1/2 part Italian vermouth
1/2 part Saint Germain
Rinse of Kirsch

I’m not usually the kind of person who advocated that a cocktail must be made with a specific brand of liquor, but in this case I feel that Chopin is the appropriate brand as it is Polish. Preparing either a Danzig or a Gdańsk is simple. Fill your shaker with ice and add the Vodka, Vermouth, and Saint Germain. While this chills rinse a rocks glass with a tea spoon of kirsch. Empty the glass. Give the contents of your shaker a stir and strain in to the glass. Put on your favorite etude and enjoy.

If you’d prefer some cocktail music to go with your cocktail I’d suggest the Pink Martini Orchestra. Here’s one of their songs inspired by a Chopin piece: La Soledad


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