Ah, Lutherans!

Memmingen Unser Frauen Chor Reformatoren Luther Rose

I just realized that I’d not posted anything here since Independence Day. It feels like I’ve been posting a lot lately as I’ve been commenting on a variety of other Lutheran blogs.

Much of what I’ve been writing is related to posts I’ve made here, but I think there is some new content in my comments too. I’ve also learned a fair bit in the process. I’d made some assumptions about Lutheran hymnody that on further research, and after being admonished by a “Steadfast Lutheran,” I fund to be wrong. I’ve been visiting a range of sites from terribly conservative to horribly liberal.

If you’re curious about what I’ve been commenting on here are the sites:

Brothers of John the Steadfast:

Steadfast in Song — Introduction

Lutherans — the Original Freedom Folks.

Great Stuff — Are Lutherans Like Catholics? Yes, and No. Read this interview.

Lutheran Confessions:

It’s expensive being poor

Sarcastic Lutheran:

Obama Care and why Churches Don’t Need to Be Political Mono-Cultures

Church and the Single Girl:

An Intro to the Lutheran Church

Lutheran Church: First Impressions

LCMS vs ELCA: What’s the Difference?

The last one isn’t really a Lutheran blog, but I find her project to be an interesting one.


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