Songs of Praise

I’ve used some clips from the Brittish program Songs of Praise to illustrate both hymns I like and hymns I don’t like. I’ve also posted bits of British comedy. Well, this is where my love of British comedy and traditional hymnody collide.

It amazes me that people get so offended by things like this, to the point of leaving comments like:

these texts and translations are an abomination to the LORD OF CREATION. I have just watched a YouTube video depicting the UK in WW3 – almost a 3 hr movie. The effects of all the fires and fallout and the earth being darkened by the clouds that covered the Earth for years were horrific. And then for solace, I sought Songs of Praise and find these terrible translations. Damnation to the forces of evil which produced such terrible words and phrases. God, forgive them, if you choose.


So people make this of the mercy of the Lord! No matter what might have happened in the past, as a Christian I find this insulting to the core. Just because we cant threaten to blow up things does not mean that our religion has to be insulted like this.

However, there are people who get it:

Choir members, take note, this is what happens when you DON’T use good diction! LOL.

My first exposure to Songs of Praise was on the television program the Vicar of Dibley. Watch out for the long S.


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