Jesus’ Blood

I’m not normally a fan of Minimalism, but there are some exceptions. I love the work of Eric Hoffman.

There is one Minimalist composition that I’m particularily inclined to on this Good Friday, when catholics are creeping to the cross. Jesus’ Blood by Gavin Bryars. If you are familiar with the Jars of Clay version you may be surprised by bryars original.

It’s difficult to use a word like original when talking about Jesus’ Blood. It has gone throu many transformations. There are 25, 60 and 74 minute versions of this “song.” There are versions from as early as the 1960s and as late as the 1990s. There’s even a version where Tom Waits accompanies the “tramp” whose original vocal is looped throughout every version.

There are so many things that make this a powerful piece: the simplicity of Minimalism, the medititive repitition, the connections that one makes with the knowlidge thet the singer is a poor homeless man.

Learn to play Jesus’ Blood on the guitar.


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