Music in Lent?

I was concerned when I wanted to post the hymn Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken today. I saw that the lyric was by a man named Newton, and I’m no fan of Isaac Newton! Well, it’s a different Newton: John Newton, the hymn writer. I don’t particularly love all of John Newton’s hymns. In Fact His most popular (Amazing Grace) is one of my least favorite, not because of any qualm with its sentiment; (I find it to be rather in line with my understanding of my relationship with God.) rather, its the sentimental nature of the hymn that puts me off. Here’s a rather unsentimental, if kitsch, performance of  Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken by The Mike Sammes Singers & The Ted Taylor Organsound. Can something be unsentimental and kitsch?

Perhaps not. I cannot leave things in such a state, and although the reading from Sunday was The Scourging of the Temple, the reading for the third Sunday in Lent last year was The Woman at the Well.

My favorite version of this folk song is by Nick Cave: Jesus Met The Woman At The Well.


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