I’m Feeling a Bit Like Jonah

Well, not quite…

He was trapped in a whale, and I’m trapped in Wales. After posting about Saint David yesterday I got stuck listening to Shirley Bassey. That, of course, lead me to another Welsh singer: Tom Jones. So today, from the green, green grass of home, Here’s Tom Jones:

I’ve always found it interesting that beginning in the fifties it seems that the song and the performer become linked so that there was such a thing as an Elvis song, or a Little Richard song. Whereas, before that every singer, or every band, would sing any popular song. Sure Harry James had his theme song, Ciribiribin, but he wasn’t the only bandleader to perform it, and it was written in 1898; long before he started playing his horn.

Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey both have their signature songs. I can’t imagine any other singer doing What’s New Pussycat, although it may be an interesting experiment. I’ve really always loved hearing other people intemperate a song made popular by another artist on the Hit Parade.

One of the things I love about tom Jones and Shirley Bassey is how they both keep themselves relevant by collaborating with contemporary artists:

Sometimes the collaborations are covers of yet a third artist’s song: Tom Jones and Art of Noise doing Prince. (Note the mention of the performer not the song.) Sometimes they are original works like History Repeating. and Sometimes they are unexpected covers:

Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey have even recorded the same song as mentioned in this interview:

Okay, that was neither Tom Jones nor Shirley Bassey, but it was Matt Lucas and David Walliams, and just in case you didn’t understand the title of yesterday’s post, or you have no idea who Daffyd Thomas is, well…

Check out Little Britain. I hope that clears everything up.

I Who Have Nothing

I Who Have Nothing



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