If You Can’t Get to Rio…

I knew that if I posted something about Carnival in Rio, I’d get trapped in Brazil. When I dream of Brazil it’s either Black Orpheus, or Carmen Miranda. Although the Carmen Miranda Museum is in Rio, Carmen got her style from Bahia. There is, of course, a Carnival in Bahia. Ah, Bahia! I have a very Romantic view of that city thanks to the Miranda sisters: Carmen and Aurora.  Carmen taught me just what a Bahian woman has,

and Aurora gave me an equally fantastic view of Bahia is as a city.

Americanized or not the music that came into the United States of America from our South American neighbors in the ’40s is remarkable. Sure it gets a bit kitsch when you have Donald Duck and José Carioca  dancing about in the Three Caballeros, but it was the beginning of a cultural exchange. Besides if you thought that was bad here’s Ethel Smith.


Actually, I love Ethel.


2 thoughts on “If You Can’t Get to Rio…

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