A Sexy Samba for Sexagesima

It’s Sexagesima! There’s just one and a half weeks until Ash Wednesday, and I hope everyone’s preparing for their Lenten fast, according to tradition, with plenty of partying. I’m suffering with a cold, so my partying is curtailed for the moment, but there are other ways to celebrate the season.

We all have out favorite seasonal movies. I have a whole slew of them for Christmas including: Holiday, Millions, and 12 Monkeys. I know plenty of people who enjoy the annual watching of The Ten Commandments when it’s broadcast on Easter Sunday. Today I’m enjoying one of my favorite films for Shrovetide, or the Carnival Season: Black Orpheus (Orfeu Negro).

If I could be well, and at any carnival party it would be this one:

Of course I’d like to skip the trip to Hades that comes just after that scene. If you’re interested in seeing the entire film, I’d recommend your local art house cinema, but if you can’t wait you can see it here.


3 thoughts on “A Sexy Samba for Sexagesima

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